Electrical & Output Data

Supply voltage range12.0±1.0 VDC24.0±1.0 VDC
Supply Current range (per meter)Typ.1000mATyp.500mA
Power range (per meter)Typ. 12WTyp. 12W
ESD protectionContact 4KV, Air 8KVContact 4KV, Air 8KV
Max. length for single end power-in5 meters10 meters
Max. length for two ends power-in10 meters15 meters
Cutting unit length50mm for W/R/G/B/Y products 83.3mm for RGB products100mm for W/R/G/B/Y products 83.3mm for RGB products
Colorimetric ParametersLED FluxProduct FluxLED Type
ColorValueTyp. LumenTyp. Lumen
White6500K1180350 lmEPSTAR 2735
White5500K1360425 lmLumileds 2835
White4300K1360425 lmLumileds 2835
White3000K1360425 lmLumileds 2835
White2700K1360425 lmLumileds 2835
Red622.5nm420lm150lmEPSTAR 2735
Green525nm810lm280lmEPSTAR 2735
Blue467.5nm210lm75lmEPSTAR 2735
Yellow590nm420lm150lmEPSTAR 2735
R/G/BR: 622.5nm; G: 520nm B: 467.5nmN.AN.A5050RGB 3in1
RGBWR: 622.5nm; G: 520nm B: 467.5nm W: 2200~6500KN.AN.A5050RGB 4in1
Ambient temperature range (TA on free air)-40℃ ~..+65℃
Operating (case) temperature range (TC)-40℃ ~..+65℃
Storage temperature range-40℃ ~..+85℃
IP ratingIP67

Dimensions & Length

  1. Unit: mm
  2. Strip L = 10meters for 24V product and L=5meters for 12V products in standard configuration
Connector Types

End Feeder

Side Feeder

Bottom Feeder

End Cap


Single colour product

RGB colour product


Type 1, AL Clips for outdoor application

Type 2, AL profile for outdoor application ( 1meter Al with 6pcs Clips)

Type 3, Stainless steel chain for curve installation


Photmetric Report
Quantum White LM80


  • Side bending and Top lighting
  • Lumileds 2835LED inside
  • Dual-color silicone extrusion
  • UV and yellowish resistant
  • IP67 and salt-mist proof
  • L70B50 > 50,000hrs
  • UL 94 V-0
  • Easy installation and re-connect accessories
  • Min. bending radius 6cm


  • Neon tube light source
  • Building and sign outline lighting
  • General and cove lighting
  • Ships, boats and trucks outline lighting