About Us

LinearLyte develops and produces high quality LED linear lighting ranges at our international manufacturing facilities. The professional team behind its inception have years of combined lighting and technical knowledge.

To strategically position LinearLyte as a provider of high caliber LED product ranges that are cost effective and reliable in a competitive and price driven international market.  To continue to develop and invest in a range that addresses ‘energy efficient lighting’ ‘EEL’ requirements together with environmental concerns.

We are committed to reducing the ecological footprint in commercial and residential lighting.

We strive to be at the forefront of the industry in the creation and development of lighting solutions that are technologically advanced, economical and deliver outstanding performance.  Having gained a solid foothold in the domestic markets to continue to expand the brand internationally.


Our philosophy at LinearLyte is customer centric. We aim to consistently build and strengthen our pre-existing relationships to help offer better solutions to their demands, as well as forming long term relationships with new customers. The pragmatic application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is a constant flow of transparency for mutual benefit.

Our foundations were built on a collective vision and we want our clients and partners to feel the same way. We endeavor to hone the trust and transparency in the relationships we’ve built and carry this ethos into newly formed relationships, to ensure we deliver the highest caliber products and services. It is imperative to gain these attributes to help bring the customers vision to reality.


Our products are developed to specifically address climatic operating conditions and are rigorously tested to perform in areas where temperature fluctuations and harsh climatic conditions prevail.  The development and manufacturing of LinearLyte products are geared toward functionality, performance and delivering cost effective LED lighting ranges to comply with Green Building Regulations.


We work closely with our international team on product development to address industry requirements as the LED industry continues to evolve.  This commitment to advance and improve on existing parameters has contributed to our rapid growth.  Market performance, expansion and investment into our product lines as we enter into international market space accounts for excellent performance projections for LinearLyte.